Don Sticksel, Copywriter

American Express Unstaged pairs acclaimed music artists with legendary directors to create a unique live performance streamed to fans around the world.

Prior to the performances, videos are shown online and looped in the venue. They encourage fans to participate and collaborate with the show as it's happening.

I concepted and provided copy for these Unstaged promotions.

Duran Duran Unstaged - Directed by David Lynch

Lynch requested this concert have an interactive element to it - specifically that the live audience and people watching online would send pictures of their painted faces and hands. These became part of the Lynch’s narrative on stage. We took that idea and brought it to life as a way of engaging fans prior to the show.

My Morning Jacket Unstaged - Directed by Todd Haynes

This pre-show messaging tells fans how to become more involved in real-time using twitter and foursquare.